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  1. Decide how many photographs from each major section of your life (baby, elementary school, middle-high school, young adult, couple).

  2. Groom gives the bride the photographs and she puts them physically in the order they are to appear on the video (one single stack rotating boy-girl, boy-girl chronologically). Put a blank scrap of paper where digital images will appear.

  3. Once the photos are intermixed in one single stack, number them on the back with a ball point pen. Do not use a felt tip marker (markers can bleed through the photo).

  4. Digital images can be used. Make a copy of the file in a folder. Rename the image file names to coordinate with the physical photographs where you put the blank scraps of paper.

  5. Choose a song for each group of 30-40 photographs you choose. We recommend fun upbeat songs for photo montages.

  6. Make a CD with the Photo Montage songs and any other songs we have requested for the Wedding Highlight videos.

  7. Put all the materials in an envelope or large freezer bag. Write the brides name, phone number and wedding day on the envelope/bag.

  8. Call us and arrange a time for us to meet to pick up the materials. We will produce the Photo Montage within 5 business days and make arrangements to meet to return the materials and a copy of the Photo Montage DVD.

  9. Please bring your copy of the Photo Montage DVD to your reception for display.

Organizing Your Photo Montage in 9 Easy Steps

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