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Your business is your passion. It is the result of an idea, made into reality through countless hours of planning, hard work, experience, and serving your customers in a unique way that is different than any of your competitors.


We get it...that's our business to.


Our passion is producing media which evokes emotion so strong, you want to share it with others. Sound Image Productions has the understanding of what it takes for business to find new customers through existing customers. We create custom, engaging media (photos, video, blog, advertising, marketing pieces) with one goal - to make your customers want to share what they love about your business with all their friends.

Sound Image Productions began in 1978 producing radio commercials and jingles. In 1994, we added video capabilities. By 1998 we had added animation, graphics and photography. Along the way, we have worked with everything from multi-million dollar organizations, recording artists, small business and individual entrepreneurs.


For the past 15 years, in addition to shooting over 1500 weddings, we have partnered with ad agencies and production companies to produce engaging media for their clients. Beginning this year, Sound Image Productions will bring 37 years media experience to assist our own individual clients instead of working through other agencies. This will give our clients the benefit of our experience without paying for the extra overhead of an agency.


Advertising has changed. The opportunity for small business is tremendous...if you know how. Our strategy is to empower every client to utilize the power of social media to become its own media outlet. Quite simply, your existing customers become the broadcast medium to find an ever growing number of new customers. This becomes the most affordable and direct way to build a business.  It is especially powerful for small and medium businesses with a passion to take their business to the next level.


Let's talk about how you can utilize the most cost effective means of advertising (word-of-mouth) to build your business by at least 15% this year. Let's talk about Sound Image Productions teaching your organization how to create its own media (no cost) to build additional brand awareness and customer loyalty. Let's talk.


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