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Our passion is producing media which evokes emotion so strong, you want to share it with others. Whether it is capturing the moments that become your wedding-day memories, or whether it is a business wanting everyone to understand what they love about their particular products and services, we want to help you communicate your story. Our story began in 1978 when a fourteen year old Scott Hart stepped into a radio studio to begin broadcasting a nightly rock & roll program. That quickly evolved into producing radio jingles and eventually music videos. The business took a turn to the wedding industry when Scott got married in 1994 and saw what a great environment wedding photography and videography is. Since that day, Sound Image Productions has been strongly committed to the wedding market, in addition to our business productions. Along the way, Sound Image Productions has been committed to working with other talented artists who, above all else, are committed to giving clients our heart and soul on every shoot, every picture taken, every editing decision. Staff is like family at Sound Image Productions. Our front line media producers consist of


38 years later, we are more experienced & prepared than ever to help people who want a small band of media production junkies to work with. 801-733-6631 Sound Image

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